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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Art Up Greenwood-Phinney: Seattle Summer Streets

Art Up Greenwood-Phinney Summer Streets Party
Friday, April 10th

Walk. Bike. Shop. Play. Breathe

Friday, April 10 is a party - a twenty-two block long street party in Phinney Ridge and Greenwood! For three hours from 6 to 9 p.m., Greenwood Avenue N is being opened up from N 65th to N 87th Street* so that pedestrians and bicyclists can come out to play and explore local businesses. This event builds on the Chamber’s successful monthly art walk Art Up Greenwood-Phinney. It offers residents a cheap way to do family activities and reconnect with neighbors.

It is also a chance for businesses to showcase products, or services. So bring your own interests to the street—play music, dance, ride bikes, or do art—let your imagination run wild. For more information visit: www.SeattleCAN.org/SummerStreets. To share creative ideas, or sign up to volunteer visit: my.greatcity.org and look for our event page. For more detailed information about the Greenwood-Phinney event, visit our website at: http://www.greenwood-phinney.com/events/greenwood-phinney-chamber-art-up-open-up-summer-streets-party

* N 85th and N 80th streets will remain open to east-west traffic.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March 13th: Art Up Greenwood-Phinney Participants

Friday, March 13 from 6pm - 9pm
Updated: 3/12/09

Art on the Ridge: 9050 Phinney Ave N
Live painting! Nicole Stremlow-Monahan, Jeremy Kronbach, Gary Evans, Jeanne Robinson, and Amanda Schuster. Artists present.

Balderdash Books & Art: 8536 Greenwood Ave N
Artwork by Stacy Schonhardt. Artist present.

Bherd Studios(Greenwood Collective)
8537 Greenwood Ave N, Suite 1
“Filthy”: Edgy, urban photography exploring the multi-faceted definition of Filthy. Featuring Lucien Knuteson, Ryan Hamilton & Aaron Last. Artists present.

Diva Espresso: 7916 Greenwood Ave N
Monthly art rotation

Francine Seders Gallery: 6701 Greenwood Ave N

Odysseus and Sirens #2 by Michael Spafford

Michael Spafford presents some woodcut prints inspired by Homer’s The Iliad and The Odyssey, also included are works on paper and two large canvases.

Turtle Dreams by Elizabeth Sandvig

Elizabeth Sandvig (his wife) was inspired by a trip to Hawaii when she swam with turtles, she is showing several works on canvas and panels with Turtles in the water and swimmers.

**Gaspare Ristorante and Bar: 6705 Greenwood Ave N
Three Course Italian Meal for $22.00 all night special for the art walk.

Greenwood Sip & Ship: 8560 Greenwood Ave N
Bradley Hanson: Bradley Hanson Photography, specializing in weddings and children. Artist present.

Lemon Meringue Boutique: 7720 Greenwood Ave N
Kristin Imig: photography.

Makeda Coffee: 153 N 78th Street
(between N. 1st Ave & N. Greenwood Ave.)
Jen Grabarczyk: acrylic on canvas. Plus live music. Musicians present.

Naked City Taphouse: 8564 Greenwood Ave N
Kristi Gavagan: Oil and mixed media. 2nd Artist TBA.

Neptune Coffee: 8415 Greenwood Ave N
Contemporary photography by Molly Bryan.

Oliver’s Twist: 6822 Greenwood Ave N
Ariel Neidhardt & Dashel Milligan: "Bound in Color" Collection of mannequins and paper flowers.
Artists present.

Pema Kharpo: 8554 Greenwood Ave N
Variety of hand crafted fair-trade products.

PAWS Cat City: 8412 Greenwood Ave N
Leah Fadness: mixed media and animal subject matter to create visual narratives. Artist present.
*Live art in progress: Cats & Kittens looking for homes!

Seattle Management Group: 8313 Greenwood Ave N
Mary McIntyre: Paintings on canvas, Roller Derby and more. Artist present.

SPACE Design Center: 7601 Greenwood Ave N
Dorian Dyer: Dorian produces life-enhancing art of inspiration and beauty with paint and brush, picturing the vibrant depth of soul and spirit he intuits in all of life. Artist present.

Santoro’s Books: 7405 Greenwood Ave N
Gretchen Echols: Hand constructed art books. Artist present.

Schwager Design (Greenwood Collective)
8537 Greenwood Ave N, Suite 1
Featuring Stuart Isett: freelance photographer based in Seattle, USA. After spending over a decade in Asia and Europe, based in Bangkok, Tokyo and Paris, he moved to Seattle in 2006. His work has appeared in The New York Times, The New York Times Magazine, Time, Newsweek, Business Week, Fortune, Le Figaro, The Independent on Sunday and Life magazines among others, as well as in numerous publications across Europe and Asia.

Born in Switzerland and raised in the UK, Stuart Isett has a Masters Degree in Photography from Columbia College in Chicago. He is represented in New York by Polaris Images. Artist present.

Urban Light Studios (Greenwood Collective)
8537 Greenwood Ave N, Suite 1
“Filthy”: Edgy, urban photography exploring the multi-faceted definition of Filthy. Featuring Kevin Law. Artist present.

Washington Wilderness Coalition: 305 N 83rd Street
Nature photography and artwork on display from local artists Steven Fey and Roy Hughes.

Wayward Coffeehouse: 8570 Greenwood Ave N
Henna Art by Magic Magpie Studios, Works by Angie Whitney, Encaustic wax art by Cheri Prestek and Joyce Mitchell.

**Zak and Zoe: 7400 Greenwood Ave N
Everything in the store 25% off (except dog & cat food)
Also showing Krista Brooks Retro Pet Prints & photography by J. Nichole Smith.

** Offering Art Walk Special Promotions

A PDF of the Map & Description will be posted shortly at Greenwood-Phinney.com