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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Graffiti Update for Greenwood-Phinney

Work crews have made their first round of clean up through the Greenwood Phinney neighborhood from N 90th street to N 59th street. The crew picked up garbage, swept and painted out graffiti on area businesses. 12 waiver forms were signed by businesses for painting out graffiti. We still have a long way to go to get more businesses to sign the forms. Anyone who is interested in helping this process along, please contact: artup@greenwood-phinney.com

As many in our neighborhood have seen, the old McDonald's building had been hit hard with graffiti. This will be resolved very soon as the company is coming out to "de-McDonald's" the building (take down the trademark roof, signage, etc.) and they will paint out the graffiti and put a fence around the building while they are going through this process. The new property owner has been contacted and said that he is going to sign the waiver form so that Art Up volunteers can paint-out graffiti as needed.

On the Phinney side of the neighborhood, there is good news about the zoo mural. A crew has washed away the gray paint that covered the mural.
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