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Monday, January 9, 2012

Art Up Phinneywood artwalk: Fri, January 13 from 6-9pm


A-1 Piano Sales & Rentals: 7020 Greenwood Ave N
The work on display is from John Smither's recent series on loose canvas that depicts the struggle between old (cedar) and new (blackberry) in the back alleys of Seattle. The pieces portray this conflict through a visceral dream like seasonal progression of imagery from the light days of summer to the long dark days of winter. Plus live music. Artists present.

Art on the Ridge: 8005 Greenwood Ave N
Group show of chainsaw carvers: Ken Tynan, Jeff Samadosky, Dave Tremko, Tomas Vrba, Chris Foltz, Steve Backus and Debbie Tremko. American Folk Art, larger then life sculpture by award-winning chainsaw carvers. Not to be missed, these are the best chainsaw carvers of our region! Artists present.

Assemble Gallery & Studio: 7406 Greenwood Ave N
Featuring the art of Jill Labieniec. Childhood memories of attic treasures nestled away in dusty corners and piled high in cardboard boxes is the inspiration for this show. Each piece tells a story, some through lazy afternoon daydreams while others rely on the viewer to create a narrative of their own out of a simple object.

This collection is made up of Gocco prints, a process similar to screen printing that uses a Japanese child’s toy to make detailed and sophisticated prints. Artist present.

Balderdash Books & Art: 8536 Greenwood Ave N
Photography by Rebecca Liu. Plus meet author Bruce Taylor. Artist present.

*Bleacher’s Pub: 8118 Greenwood Ave N
Stop in for a discounted appetizer or entrée during the monthly art walk.

Bherd Studios Gallery (Greenwood Collective)
8537 Greenwood Ave N, Suite 1
"Between The Lines" is John Osgood’s latest series of work that focuses on his signature style of portraiture. His work features multi-faceted interpretations of emotion and perception by utilizing shared lines, forms and color between characters. He has worked diligently to create pieces that the viewer can study and be able to see new perspectives each time they go back. He purposefully plays with the subconscious mind, directing the audience both literally and figuratively. His goal with this series is to have you “reading between the lines” to find your own meaning within his work. Artist present.

The Chocolate Shoe Box: 7410 Greenwood Ave N
Oil painted photography and graffiti art by Andy Miller. Artist Present.

NEW VENUE! Chocolate Vitale: 6257 3rd Ave NW
Featuring a collection of autographed photos of movie stars from the 30's, 40's and 50's, newly framed and matted. Prices range from $50 for a facsimile autograph of Madge Evans to $300 for early signed photos of Henry Fonda or James Stewart. Also available are stars such as Glenn Ford, Alan Ladd, Leo Gorcey, Ronald Reagan, Henry Fonda, and Jeanette McDonald.

Also on display are works by Ballard artists Joe Reno, Elizabeth Aurich and Linda Kemp Scheiber, and mid century photographs by Edmund Teske. The store has an always-changing selection of vintage and antique art and vintage collectibles, from oil paintings to mid century furniture. Artists present.

Echo Echo Gallery (Greenwood Collective)
8537 Greenwood Ave N, Suite 1
Join artists Xavier Lopez, dear earthling, Christopher J. Olson, Alexandria Sandlin and Reed Carpenter as they show you their latest work. Artists present.

*Gaspare Ristorante and Bar: 6705 Greenwood Ave N
Artwalk Bellini Cocktails $5. Plus Happy Hour menu from 5-7pm only $4 - $7 items with special cocktail and wine prices.

Gainsbourg: 8550 Greenwood Ave N
Monthly rotating artwork by local artists.

Green Bean Coffeehouse: 8533 Greenwood Ave N
Monthly rotating artwork by local artists.

NEW VENUE! Home Suite Home Gallery (Greenwood Collective)
8537 Greenwood Ave N, Suite 1
Collaborative works featuring the painting of Seattle based artist Maynerd, intertwined with the Photos and Prints of Minneapolis based Photographer Russ Olson. Artists present.

In The Red Wine Bar & Cafe: 6510 Phinney Ave N
Color landscape and portrait photography by Val Mohney. Artist present.

NEW VENUE! Made Sewing Studio: 8408 Greenwood Ave N
Photography by Kevin Rosinbum. Artist present.

Naked City Taphouse: 8564 Greenwood Ave N
Since 1996, T.S. Pew has studied art and art history. The collection of his work stems from the past years of studying the surrealist masters such as Ernst, Dali, Man Ray, Matisse and Manet. His interest in music and photography also have a solid hand in his paintings. Artist present.

Oliver’s Twist: 6822 Greenwood Ave N
Eclectic mix of mixed media in celebration of Oliver’s Twist 5 year anniversary. Artist present.

Phinney Neighborhood Assoc. Gallery: 6532 Phinney Ave N
Esprit de Print is a group show of original prints by one of Seattle Print Arts art salons. Each of the nine members has a unique artistic voice. They meet monthly to share information on printmaking techniques and discuss their work. This show hopes to demystify the art of printmaking as it celebrates the diversity of original works on paper. Featuring artists: B.Birinyi, L.Broekhoven, C.Carroll, M.Douglas, J.Ireland, M.Langlois, D.Mayhew, L.McBride, B.Prokop. Artists present.

Rockwell Realty: 8315 Greenwood Ave N
Unique works created using daubs of paint applied in a pointillist fashion to create optical textures, enhanced by random strokes creating an energy of noise and tension by Michael Martinez. Artist present.

The Showroom @Bherd Gallery (Greenwood Collective)
8537 Greenwood Ave N, Suite 1
In The Showroom, Bherd represented artists Siolo Thompson, CASH & John Osgood featuring their recent works.

About the Artists:
Thompson is interested in exploring through image, the human need for narrative and our relationship to our own histories and the stories of other lives. In her paintings she imbues animals and robots with totemic powers and she attempts to bring a sense of history to all of her subjects. Osgood paints idiosyncratic characters and animals with a bold palette. He's a people watcher and enjoys spending time following the emotions that flicker throughout a person’s face during an interaction - his art is the expression of these every day emotions. CASH's latest work has been influenced by John James Audubon, Pablo Picasso, Jean Michel Basquiat, hand drawn fonts and street art and graffiti. He uses spray paint, acrylic, charcoal and oil pastels to create his works on canvas, paper, and wood. His paintings reflect the textures of the city, as well as the colors and spontaneity found in nature.

Strut: 7511 Greenwood Ave N
Featuring the urban contemporary art of Dave Bloomfield (aka Starheadboy). Artist present.

Tasty: 7513 Greenwood Ave N
Group exhibit featuring 6 walls of original art for under $100. Featuring artists: Brenda Dunn, Court Hoffman, David VonDerLinn, Deviant Decor, Eric Osborne, Glitter Mortis, Jenna Colby, Krista Jefferson, Lacey Bryant, Marty Gordon, Olvera Design, Rob Schwartz, Sean Wilkinson and Stella Latwinski. Artists present.

*The Olive & Grape: 8516 Greenwood Ave N
Enjoy 10% off all Olive Oils during the artwalk.

Two Birds Tattoo: 7408 Greenwood Ave N
Featuring art by Anouk Rawkson. Artist present.

NEW VENUE! Umpqua Bank: 7120 Greenwood Ave N
Lynn enjoys all variations of art and has explored many techniques, but seems to lean toward collage and multidimensional acrylics. She is a self taught painter and has learned her techniques through many "happy accidents". Lynn created her mixed-media paintings to explore her interests and fascination with old buildings and unique architecture. She loves and admires anything old... something that has a story all its own. She enjoys abstract art, due to each individual that views a painting will have a different opinion or "view'. Lynn loves to hear what people "see" within her paintings, it motivates her to create more.
Her little "friends" are a new addition to her art family. She started with abstract... and am now exploring an interest in painting people. Lynn’s "people" are a little twisted... but, fun. Check out Lynn’s webite, www.hollowmoonz.com to learn more and see some of her work. Artist present.

Urban Light Studios (Greenwood Collective)
8537 Greenwood Ave N, Suite 1
Rotating monthly artwork from local artists.

*Venues offering artwalk specials.