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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Art Up Greenwood-Phinney Progress...

The Greenwood-Phinney Chamber has been actively involved with taking steps to rid our neighborhood of the graffiti and tagging blight.

We have:
Worked with the City of Seattle to add Red Wagon paint out supplies which will soon be stored and available for use at the Greenwood Service Center. Made available City drafted permission forms for graffiti and tag paint out for businesses who would like our volunteers to automatically paint out hit areas with the City provided white or gray paint (or have some of your own color on hand and we'll use that)

Started to gather a team of volunteers who we'll soon mobilize into service to take shifts in walking the neighborhood and doing paint outs for those businesses who have provided permission forms.

Begun the process to apply for a special grant from the city to support actions such as creating a brochure tailored for businesses in our neighborhood with info on how to combat graffiti, how to report it and how to remove it. Additionally, we are also looking into the use of this small grant to purchase a power washer for businesses with brick or stone storefronts who have been vandalized.

Created a new, long term initiative to resist graffiti called ART UP GREENWOOD-PHINNEY. The goal of this initiative is to select sites within the Greenwood-Phinney neighborhood prone to this behavior and work with local artists and youth organizations to create mural artwork that celebrates and represents the unique aspects of our community. This has proven to be a successful deterrent around the city as well as in other areas with similar problems around the country. We have setup a blog to keep the line of communication open on this initiative and we welcome and encourage your feedback and interest in participation, drop us a line at artup@greenwood-phinney.com.