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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You're Invited to Celebrate the Newest Mural on Aurora: Sat, Oct 16th at 10am

New Mural Supports Aurora Businesses and Relays a Safety Message

(SEATTLE) A new mural at 10217 Aurora Avenue N has come to life on the side of North Park Grocery. Community members and businesses along with the city and state envision Aurora as a street full of thriving businesses and shoppers – one with a vibrant, safe business center that attracts local residents to walk and bike to stores and restaurants for their weekly shopping and entertainment. To encourage this, artwork is being added along the corridor.

The 10 x 50 foot mural represents growth through sunflowers, businesses and a future RapidRide bus. Safe travel behavior is modeled by a woman on a scooter wearing a helmet waiting for a people to cross the street and the Aurora Traffic Safety Project logo in the upper right hand corner. If one looks closely they will also find familiar landmarks such as the recently restored elephant at Aurora Rents. Behind it all is the sun rising, capturing the spirit of Aurora which means “dawn.”

“My customers come in all shapes and sizes and many are working hard to improve their lives,” said Chaesun Osaka, the owner of North Park Grocery. “This mural represents how Aurora and the people who live and work here are growing and changing.”
The public is invited to come, meet the artists and fellow neighbors, learn more about the Aurora Traffic Safety Project and enjoy free coffee and light snacks.

When: Saturday, October 16
Where: 10217 Aurora Street at North Park Grocery
Time: 10 a.m.

This is the second of two murals. The first mural was a temporary installation in the windows of an empty storefront. Within three weeks of the installation being placed, the property was rented. A new location for the mural is now being sought. Zach Bohnenkamp, John Osgood and Kevin Sullivan from Bherd Studios and Matamuros were commissioned for both jobs.

Sustainable Green Lake, Greenwood Aurora Involved Neighbors (GAIN), Epic Life Church, the city of Seattle and Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WSTC) made this mural possible through grants and volunteer hours. This project is funded in part by a Neighborhood Matching Fund award of the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods and through the Washington Traffic Safety Commission and Aurora Traffic Safety Project. The project was created to help Aurora gain a competitive edge in tough economic times by making improvements along Aurora Avenue; to attract attention to the business district; to improve public perceptions of Aurora; to encourage consumers to come to Aurora for their shopping needs; and to improve the sustainability and safety of the neighborhood by contributing to the walkability and bikability of the neighborhood business district.